about Michaelson Capital Partners

Michaelson Capital provides customized growth financing to entrepreneur-led technology companies in sectors where we have domain expertise, relationships and experience to add value. We structure our portfolio to preserve capital, earn attractive cash interest income and generate substantial equity upside potential to our limited partners.


Our Strategy

Accelerated Growth

We focus on entrepreneur-led companies in non-correlated industries with revenue above $10 M, high gross margins, and organic growth of more than 25% p.a.

Risk Management

We only invest in over-collateralized companies with good governance, no other debt, and high enterprise value to loan amount with multiple exit opportunities.

Clear Inflection Points

Our investment must help a company reach a clear inflection point such as the financing of new products or services, enlarging the footprint of the business, refinancing to take out existing debt, or a bolt on acquisitions.

Trusted Guidance

With years of industry experience, we provide trusted guidance to our portfolio companies. Our Board of Advisors, with their extensive industry experience, provide us with valuable insight.

Flexible Terms

Our flexibility of terms allows companies to delay issuing equity, bridge toward a financing event, or achieve an exit at a higher price within a few years.


We will not engage in predatory financings or activities which weaken the value of our portfolio companies.

Our Process

  • Initial Review
  • Due Diligence and Terms
  • Financing Proposal
  • Deal Closing


Press and Articles

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